Stay Prepared UK PREPPERS

Welcome to UK PREPPERS

Here at UK Preppers we aim to cover all aspects of prepping, in the UK. From Sample Lists of Foods and Medical Equipment you may need to stock to getting started guides and preppering your Family or Local Community

We alsohave sections dedicated to building what every you might need to survive, how to make and preserve foods and medicin. As well as how to grow your own food and manage your land for maximum production.

Build Your Own

Simple project and guides for you to do at home from building chicken coops and Bee Hives to Bio Deasel and Wind Turbines (Coming Soon)

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Grow Your Own

A complete guide to growing and cultivating your own food, From planting guides and Plant diseases information to Crop rotation and Composting tips. (Coming Soon)

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Make Your Own

If you can grow it you will find ideas and reciepes in our reciepe section with every think from Breads, Soups and Stews to Wine, Bears and Ciders.  Recipes (Just started)